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This Wiki can be used to document and discuss the use and development of DBMail.

Please do not use the wiki for support requests. Use it for manuals, how-tos, design-proposals, or to explain your new ideas.

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About DBMail

Major Versions

  • DBMail 2.0: old stable production series from 2004-2006
  • DBMail 2.2: old stable production series from 2006-2012
  • DBMail 2.3: unstable development series with releases from 2007-2009
  • DBMail 3.0: old stable production series, first released 2012-01-30
  • DBMail 3.1: current stable production series, first released 2013-07-23

Documentation and Installation Notes

Follow these links to find available documentation and installation notes about:

DBMail Installation and Configuration

Other Topics



Logo and Branding Ideas

Here are some Logo ideas and Tagline ideas. Might have been good to hit 2.2.0 with a strong brand identity, but better late than never – we should come up with something we like!

Development Proposals

Follow these links to go to information on new proposals. If you have any worked-out proposals, please feel free to add them here. Please do not post things that have not yet been discussed and some general consensus reached on the dbmail-dev mailing list yet. The wiki is not a discussion board!

Mailing list management features


Runtime organization


Security Guarantees

Feature Requests, Wish List

Useful Information

Code Bounties

If there's a feature that you'd like to help along, but lack the available time or coding skill to write it, consider sponsoring a Code Bounty!

  • Completion of Sieve functionality, 100% compatible with Cyrus implementation. $500 kbaker at missionvi dot c0m
  • Re-write existing MySQL table creation script to work with MySQL Cluster (fk and other non-NDB-friendly portions) with negligible performance and relaibility impact. $500 patrick.cheong at xanadu dot com dot my

Code Donations to the community

  • DBMailAdmin, web-based admin panel, free and open source, under active development. http://dbmailadmin.org/
  • SimpleDBMailAdmin, PHP, AJAX, MySQL and PostgreSQL, web-based admin panel for DBMail 3.0.x . Simple GUI, simple to install, free and open source. http://code.google.com/p/simple-dbmail-admin/
  • DBMail Admin, PHP web based DBMAIL User/Mailbox Adminstrator. Currently this is for SQL based authentication. Full LDAP support is being investigated. This tool can run on a separate web server provided that PHP has the correct DB support, network access to the dbmail database, a copy of the dbmail.conf, and the dbmail binaries+libraries installed. Current version is 0.1.1b Download Here
  • DBMail-QuotaCheck, PERL Script (runs perfectly via cron e.g. once per day) which does check usage of quota, sends warning mails and empties mailboxes that are full. Download Here
  • dbmail-export - PHP script to export a user's email into mbox format. Has capability to specify date range for backup and individual mailbox. Currently only supports PostgreSQL, but should be easy to convert to MySQL. This script is only for 2.0.x train, as 2.1 will have its own version.
  • train_dspam.sh - Shell Script to extract messages from dbmail Shared Folders and to post them into the dspam system to train as either spam or ham. Requires that the DSPAM ID is added to the headers - Set Preference “signatureLocation=headers” in dspam.conf.
  • dbmail_acl.sh - Bash script to manage ACLs for shared mailboxes.
  • mysql_backup.sh - MySQL incremental backup script, run by cron (e.g. every 20 minutes). Uses binary logs, rotates them, archives unused logs, makes full backup (gzipped dump) at a specified time, deletes old archives due to defined policy.
  • DBMail Auto Delete - SQL code and discussion regarding the task of marking messages older than n days for deletion.
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