Blacklisting Individualized for User

Often you get persistent mails from people or companies that, technically, are not exactly spam but annoying all the same. This is an attempt to let you be in control of what you get.

Here is the pseudo-schema for individualized blacklisting

blacklist_id_nr: –Unmodifiable by user


This is the order of precedence. Useful for wildcard cases etc.

user_id_nr: –Unmodifiable by user


Relevant account (identity) number for the user. If zero, it means all accounts (identities) that belong to this user.


Short description describing what this is for. Useful to user to remember why he/she wrote this later.


Whether this item is anebled. Useful to spare the user from having to re-enter the same stuff when needed.


This is the email address that you want to blacklist. Note that: Measures should be taken in the code so that any blacklisting against mail lists is always 'Silently Delete' otherwise it may flood the mail lists.

blacklist_action_kind: {Silently Delete, Send Back Message Rejected, Send Back NonExistent User}

This tells DBMail what to do when such an email arrives.

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