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DBMail performance in the wild

Author: Martin Hierling

This page is not linked on the main page yes and not officially posted. It has draft status!

On this page dbmail users can/should post there environment of dbmail installation. This is primary mailstorrage, if there is any additional software (like anitvirus, antispam, web) please give a note about it.

This overview should give administrators a point what hardware they need to run a dbmail storrage, as fast as mike told me: “It kicks the bejeebers outta anything else”.

Please copy the empty template to the beginning of the overview and fill out as much values as you can. If there are any missing attributes feel free to add them.

short description

description, contact


  • System (Vendor) :
  • CPU :
  • RAM :
  • Disks :
  • DB Storrage :
  • ???


  • Distro :
  • DB-Mail version :
  • MySQL version :
  • Postgresql version :
  • DBLite version :
  • sieve (yes/no) version :
  • MTA version :
  • delivery via lmtp/smtp :
  • additional software :
  • average load :
  • performance : (good, ok, poor)
  • ???


  • new mails per day :
  • new mail volume in MByte :
  • number of mails :
  • volume of mails in GByte :
  • imap/pop3 logins per day:
  • number of users :
  • number of aliasses:
  • nubmer of aktive sieve scripts:
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