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 +Configure your MTA
 +There are two ways to connect your MTA to DBMail. The MTA can start a
 +dbmail-smtp process and pipe SMTP commands and messages to it, or it
 +can use lmtp (Local Mail Transport Protocol) to deliver via
 +dbmail-lmtpd. LMTP is the preferred solution because it offers more
 +robust error handling and because it is a daemon, high traffic servers
 +will have reduced delays which would be incurred starting up a
 +dbmail-smtp process for each message.
 +If you use a different kind of mta that we do not have documentation
 +for: The dbmail injector program, dbmail-smtp, can receive information
 +in two ways. Either through raw mail (for example, delivered by
 +procmail) using the -n option or from a MTA with recipients in the
 +commandline using the -d option. Be carefull, the -n option is not
 +fully tested and may behave unexpected. If possible use the -d option.
 +Setup for LMTP should be straightforward if your MTA supports it.
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