If you are downloading DBMail for the first time, please download the latest version in the 3.0 series.

3.x series (STABLE)
2.2 series (old-STABLE)

For older releases please visit the download area.


Active development is done using git. Public accessible trees are available at Dbmail.EU.

$> git clone git://

For 3.0, which is in the dbmail_3_0 branch, the procedure is as follows:

$> git clone git://
$> cd dbmail
$> git checkout -b dbmail_3_0 origin/dbmail_3_0

Updating your tree:

$> cd path/to/dbmail
$> git pull

Binary packages

Most major distros already have packages for dbmail. Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora en Gentoo are known to do so. So check your package manager.


Packages for several Debian/Ubuntu releases are available at

DBMail is developed by Paul J Stevens together with developers world-wide