Auto Responder

Dbmail 2.0 currently support per-user (not per-address) auto-reply. I consider this severely broken because there's no loop-detection in there whatsoever.

Last year I wrote a temporary stop-gap solution in python ( It will send replies from/to the same addresses only every TIMEOUT seconds.

  1. install this in i.e. /usr/local/bin/
  2. #>install -d -o dbmail -g dbmail -m 2770 /var/cache/dbmail
  3. Add a reply message
cat >> /var/cache/dbmail/paul-autoreply.eml << EOM
Subject: vacation

I'm yonder.
  1. Install the forward for a delivery address of your choosing,
dbmail-users -x -t '|/usr/local/bin/ -u paul
-a -m /var/cache/dbmail/paul-autoreply.eml'

Et voila.

  1. As you return don't forget to disable this:
dbmail-users -x -T '|/usr/local/bin/ -u paul
-a -m /var/cache/dbmail/paul-autoreply.eml'
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