How To Setup DBMail + MySQL + LDAP

I created this section to start some documentation on configuring DBMail with LDAP. This is a great feature but to date is not very well documented.

Below is the information I have found. Hopefully people who have had success with LDAP conf can help out by filling in the holes. I now have this working, and will be adding details to help with the configuration.


  1. Install DBMail normally
  2. Test DBMail with RDBMS only configuration
  3. Setup LDAP server using dbmail.schema file provided with DBMail 2.x
  4. Switch the dbmail.conf to use the “ldap” auth, set at the top of the file
  5. Make sure that the ”[LDAP]” settings in the dbmail.conf file match your LDAP server schema
  6. Restart DBMail


This is the main documentation provided with the DBMail 2.x. Below is a link to a copy of this file on the web.

Common Problems

  1. Since 2006-04-21 the ldap connection defaults to version 3. The fix is currently only in SVN but will be available for everyone when 2.1.6 gets released. (“Dbmail cannot connect to the database server” - Previous posts to dbmail threads, suggest this is a database connection problem. However the database connection works fine. It is only when the server is switched to ldap auth that this is showing up. Not sure of what to do next. Fix: Enable OpenLDAP has a setting to allow LDAP Version 2. Uncomment the allow bind_v2 line in the slapd.conf)
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