This is a mail posted by Paul on the Mailinglist to get git running:

Basic workflow:

git clone git://

The remote tree is called 'origin', and now you're on the mainline branch, or trunk in svn-speak, using a local copy of the whole history.

Let's see what local branches we have:

git branch -v
*  master     66e7c88 fix regression in pop3/top command (fixes: #714)

this means we're tracking the mainline branch called 'master' by default, though it could be called anything.

But let's also see what other branches are available from the remote 'origin'.

git branch -r -v

This will list quite a few branches, but you can ignore all except origin/master and origin/dbmail_2_2. The first contains the mainline branch, the latter the 2.2 code.

So let's get the 2.2. branch:

git branch --track dbmail_2_2 origin/dbmail_2_2
git checkout dbmail_2_2

now we're on the local copy of the 2.2 branch

git branch -v
* dbmail_2_2 0a49073 revert previous change
  master     66e7c88 fix regression in pop3/top command (fixes: #714)
git checkout master

and now we're back on the mainline 'master' branch - at HEAD.

Everything, except the initial 'git clone', was done without network access.

Next time around you'll want to pull any upstream changes into your local copy

git pull

this will fetch all upstream changes and update your locally current branch

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