I've found a few steps helpful when setting up dbmail on openbsd. First off I used a fresh install of OpenBSD 3.7 and used qmail as my mta. This meant that I had to pipe the messages to the database. OpenBSD's default shell does not support the syntax suggested in the INSTALL.qmail file so I have included some different information. :-)

1. Download everything from CVS.

2. Once downloaded follow the instructions to get dbmail compiled and installed.

3. Setup the “Pipe” method:

|/usr/local/sbin/dbmail-smtp -d ${RECIPIENT:8}

DOESN'T WORK! Use this

|/usr/local/sbin/dbmail-smtp -d ${RECIPIENT#????????};

Where there are as many question marks as preceding letters you'd like to remove from the email address. Hope someone finds this helpful.

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