Geo Carncross: “DBmail: Unlike a grue in your /var/spool/mail”

Xing Li: “Why waste time on fread() when you can select *…”

Lasantha Marian: “DBMail: Enterprising e-mail solution !”

Graham Todd: “Mail is data with DBMail”

Ty Christensen: “Get real, databases ARE for mail”

Johan Wehtje: “Because your organisation's email is too important to be filed in a black box” - Graham Todd gets my votes though

Maxim Zaitsev: “DBMail is not Dummy mail”

Naz: “DBMail: Because databases ARE for mail!” (I like Ty's idea best, this is my take on it)

Adam Kosmin: “DBMail: This isn't your grandfather's mailstore”

Adam Kosmin “More power, more flexibility, more possibilites”

CK: “DBMail: Persistent email, painless administration”

Daniel Kauffman: Simple. Secure. Scalable.

Anniyka: “All mails all data all base”

Darren Nay: “DBMail - Because email isn't boring anymore”

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