DBMail is a highly available Message Delivery Agent speaking IMAP, POP, ManageSieve and LMTP using industry standard PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle for secure scaleable storage.

It's main use is as an IMAP server, the industry standard for communicating with email clients on all platforms including web, mobile, iOS and Android.

The main benefits are:

  • Securely and scaleably manages user emails with industry standard IMAP;
  • Integrates with existing authentication backends including ActiveDirectory and OpenLDAP;
  • DBMail is scalable including multiple terrabyte installations;
  • DBMail is flexible. You can run dbmail programs on different servers talking to the same database;
  • Email filtering is integrated into DBMail and managed using SIEVE;
  • An experimental Docker image is available;
  • High Availability thanks to database replication and Docker images;
  • Data safety thanks to database replication;
  • Secure connections thanks to TLS;
  • No need to maintain system users or write access to the filesystem;
  • DBMail is Free with a recognised GPL2 Open Source licence.

Databases currently supported: PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle.

Written in C, DBMail is efficient. Its component parts can be scaled out to as many servers as required and a Docker image is available.

Integrates with most Message Transfer Agents such as exim or postfix with either command line using dbmail-deliver or LMTP. Exim integration simplifies end user configuration by leveraging the same authentication sources, sql and ldap, for SMTP and IMAP login, as well as checking valid emails before accepting incoming mail.

Integrates with front end email web servers such as squirrelmail and roundcube.

DBMail is secure as it doesn't require access to any filesystem other than for its own configuration and log files. It's as secure as the database and directory server.

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