dbmail-sievecmd - manipulates Sieve scripts in the DBMail database.

dbmail-sievecmd -u username [-l] [-a scriptname] [-d scriptname]
   [-i scriptname file] [-c [scriptname]] [-r scriptname]
   [-f configfile] [-nvVh]

DBMail stores Sieve scripts in a table in the DBMail database. These 
scripts are used to sort incoming mail for the email users. Each user
has their own script space and may upload scripts to the
dbmail-timsieved(8) daemon. The dbmail-sievecmd(8) utility provides
a convenient method for the system administrator to work with
Sieve scripts from the command line.


-u username::
Specify the user whose scripts we will be modifying.

List scripts belonging to user

-a scriptname::
Activates `scriptname`, deactivating all other scripts.

-d scriptname::
Deactivates `scriptname` if it was active.

-i scriptname file::
Creates a script called `scriptname` by importing `file`. If `file`
is - (dash) or unspecified, 'stdin' will be read.

-c [scriptname]::
Print out the named script. If no script is given, the active
script is printed.

-r scriptname::
Remove the named script. If the script was active, no script will
be active after it is deletion.

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